I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Nick for all the hard work and dedication he put into teaching me to drive, it can't have been easy to deal with me! Nick is such a good teacher because he's friendly and you can have a laugh which takes the pressure off learning to drive. He's really calm and he’s always on time if not early! No matter how frustrated I got with myself he never gave up on me or made me feel like he didn't believe I could do it, not even after I failed the test twice due to nerves, Finally I passed the 3rd time round and I think Nick was happier than I was. He is not just an instructor, he takes all his students to heart and genuinely cares whether they pass or fail. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Nick!

Rebecca CumminsRebecca Cummins
At first I was very nervous behind the wheel but with Nick’s help and support he managed to push me to overcome these nervous. His enthusiasm and character helped me to feel comfortable and I got on really well with him. Nick was always on time and very professional yet still able to have a laugh which helped me relax. His teaching skills pushed me to do the best that I could and the combination of practical combined with bits of theory helped me pass both my driving theory test and practical test first time. I would like to say a massive thank you to Nick for helping, supporting and believing in me.

James WestJames West
I honestly couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor. Nick has always been polite, patient and very positive. He's made learning to drive very simple and has always made sure I understood every aspect fully before the date of the test. He is very personable and tried to get to know you outside the aspect of teaching which makes the lessons fun as well as gets you used to conversation whilst driving. I never felt like I was going to struggle to be ready for the test and his teaching allowed me to pass first time with very few minors. I feel confident on the road because of the way he taught me and would definitely recommend him to anyone that asked me (in fact I already have).

Jack CottrillJack Cottrill
Just wanted to send you an email to say a massive thank you for teaching jack and getting him through his driving test first time. I am happy in the fact that I know that jack has been taught by you and he will be a safe and confident driver. You have patients of a saint. As jack had never driven a car before and only started his first driving lesson in April and passed his test in July just goes to show how brilliant you are. Can't thank you enough Nick and would always recommend you.

Ben StickneyBen Stickney
I am so glad to have been recommended Nick as a driving instructor! Nick helped me pass first time with all his guidance and support, I cannot thank him enough. He made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel, has very good time keeping and gave me everything i needed to smash the test. Not only is he a great driving instructor but he is also a top bloke and felt like a mate. I think anyone reading that reads this would be foolish to go with another driving instructor. Thank you very much Nick! Keep up the good work!

Passed 1st time
I started to learn to drive as soon as I was 17 and decided to take my lessons with Nick as he had passed a couple of my family members first time. Nick teaches in such an easy way so I picked it up quickly, he was always on time for my lessons (if not early). He made lessons fun and always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I passed first time and couldn't recommend him enough to anyone who wants to start learning to drive. Thank you Nick for all of your help!

 James Martinez James Martinez
I was a very nervous driver and over the years have quit a few times. When I found Nick online, I saw it as my third and final go to get myself on the road. He was very patient and helped me with my nerves, of which there were many! If you are not a confident driver like I was, he will really put you at ease and help you to overcome your fears. He is fair and firm in his teachings, but don't worry, you can also have a laugh with him! He was always on time and professional. Most importantly, he is honest with you and you can trust him, which is why Nick really is the best and helped me to pass first time! I can't ever thank him enough and will recommend him to anyone that wants to pass their driving test. All the best Nick.

Ben CoxBen Cox
I would like to pass on a massive thank you for helping me pass my driving test. Nick is a top guy, polite, gets his instructions across clearly, makes you feel relaxed during lessons and has the patience of a saint! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass their driving test. Thank you Nick. it has been a pleasure learning with you and I’m sure many more will pass their tests through your excellent teaching.

Thank you again Nick and all the best for the future.

Nikolett MihaleczkiNikolett Mihaleczki
Having failed my practical test 3 times I really didn't have much confidence to ever pass my test. After the 3rd attempt I thought I will use über for the rest of my life, however a year later, I put my foot down and decided to have a final go. This time I have come across Nick with the help of Google. In my moment of desperation to find the best of the best, I have written in the search bar "best driving instructor near Ashford" and (unsurprisingly) Nick popped up. When we first started my driving was so rusty, but throughout my entire time with Nick, he has been calm, patient and put me very much at ease. He felt more like a friend rather than an instructor and I am very grateful for all his hard work. I have now passed first time with 1 minor and can't thank him enough for it. He is very professional and I would very highly recommend. My only regret is not finding Nick quicker ! Whether you are starting out or had a couple of fails and your confidence is a bit shaken like mine was, give Nick a go ! :)))

Samantha ForbesSamantha Forbes
So glad I chose Nick as my instructor! I wouldn't have done it without him. So patient and understanding and a great sense of humour too. Always made me feel at ease and no matter what frame of mind I was in to start of each lesson, he had me feeling confident and determined by the end. Thanks Nick! Keep up the good work! :)

Harrison LivingstoneHarrison Livingstone
Passed 1st time
Nick has been an Absolutely great driving instructor helping me pass first time. Since the first day I met Nick he was always very welcoming and polite with great enthusiasm for his teaching. He made me feel very confident behind the wheel and always gave me praise. Nick is always on time. Not once has he been late for one of my lessons and I did around 30 hours with him. He always makes time to fit you into his busy schedule. I would recommend Nick to anyone who wants to learn to drive the right way. All lessons we chatted throughout and I made a very good relationship with Nick. Always at ease and very talkative which I found very comforting especially when I was nervous for my first few lessons. Thankyou Nick for helping me pass first time!!!

Luke Towersey
I passed first time with Nick and I couldn't have asked for anything more. He was always on time and always put me as his customer first. He is a really nice down to earth guy and I felt like he was being a mate to me as well as my driving instructor. He's easy to get along with on a personal level. He was fair and was eager to pass me as soon as possible.

Many of my friends have had bad experiences with other instructors but with Nick I had nothing but good ones. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone, as I believe he could pass anyone. Thanks Nick!

Lorissa CollinsLorissa Collins
I would highly recommend Nick. I had 3 different instructors before I met him and so you could say I was quite fussy, Nick was the best one by miles! Driving was never something that came naturally or easy to me and I've always been really nervous. Nick made me feel relaxed and when I got it wrong didn't make me feel rubbish like previous instructors. He even put up with me crying!

I came out of my lessons feeling positive & excited for my next lesson because not only was I enjoying driving and my confidence growing, Nick always made me laugh and felt like a mate as well as a teacher.

Kylie GunputravKylie Gunputrav
First time pass
My driving experience with Nick has been a real journey, and a very positive one! I came across Nick on recommendation, and having done the semi-intensive course with him, I can see why he is so highly regarded.

Nick was extremely fair in his assessments of my progress, and I found him fantastic at handling me whenever I felt stressed or under pressure. Given that I am prone to some panic behind the wheel, with any other instructor, I might not have been able to ultimately regain the calm and the patience that it takes to drive well - and safely. Nick was the ideal combination of gentle and kind, and pushing me to progress when he judged that I was capable of doing so.

Nick was able to react quickly to the type of student that I was, which made me improve more quickly than I had thought imaginable. He was direct yet sensitive, so I had a realistic idea throughout of my level of progress. Whenever I made mistakes, he was fantastic at being able to identify what the problem was, why it recurred, and accurately suggest what I might comfortably be able to do to address it.

He was encouraging, and able to make me feel comfortable from beginning to end; and he was hugely supportive on the day of my test, despite my nerves peaking again!

On top of it all, he is a really lovely person, easy to chat to, a friend that I looked forward to seeing every week - and who saw me through the lessons and on to a first-time pass!

I could not recommended him more highly.

Passed 1st time
I started learning to drive with another instructor with whom I did not get on with as he would always be late, not pay attention to how I drive and just general bad experience... I was nervous when I changed to Nick that I would have the same problem. I shouldn't have worried. He was so much better, very professional and very understanding of the level I was at. He at times pushed me quite hard and I would feel that I will never be capable of passing, but that was because he knew what he was doing and he wanted to prepare me for everything. That also made the test seem a lot easier than it was because he had trained me to such a high standard of driving. I passed 1st time with only 3 minors, all thanks to Nick!

Jacob RessaJacob Ressa
I did an intensive driving course with Nick and I would certainly recommend him as an instructor. Unlike some he will not have you sitting down talking endlessly during lessons, his approach is to get you moving and build your confidence quickly and I was amazed how rapidly I progressed with this method. His explanations are very clear and this helps facilitate the process, making topics I know other learners have struggled with surprisingly strait forward. He will not try and rip you off by dragging out the lessons, but instead aims to help you develop as a safe and competent driver in the shortest time possible.

He is always on-time for lessons, and I would look forward to our drives as we also got on well on a personal level. In the end I passed at my first attempt with 2 minors, a result I was obviously delighted with. If you are looking for an instructor then don't hesitate to choose Nick Haxton; he's a great guy who is excellent at what he does. You would be hard-pressed to find a better instructor.

Holly RestelHolly Restel
I found Nick a Excellent Instructor and would recommend him to anyone and everyone who wants to learn he is very patient and very friendly and he got me to pass first time thank you so much Nick for all your help and support.

Scott ThomsonScott Thomson
I passed my test with Nick Haxton today. Nick is a brilliant instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone learning how to drive he's great to get on with and makes you feel calm in the nervous moments, thanks nick for everything.

Sammy KingSammy King
Nick is a fantastic driving instructor and I would thoroughly recommend him to anybody who's starting to learn. He helped me from a cautious beginner to a confident pro, and I managed to pass first time. What a hero. Thanks again for all of your help. It was an absolute pleasure!

Jessica PollardJessica Pollard
I purchased a midway pass course from LDC having driven before. The head office routed my request through Nick and I couldn't be more pleased.

Nick is a very good instructor and was able to tailor my learning experience to my best receptive learning style. We spent a total of 20 hours together driving and Nick was constantly a pleasure to be around, he was able to explain the theory behind the maneuvers very simply which made the experience less stressful that I thought it would be! Nick is easy to talk to to and I found not only was I looking forward to my lessons but also to catching up with my instructor. I felt Nick concentrated a lot of his efforts on my state of mind and confidence as well as the teaching activities which inevitably helped me to pass my test first time with only 1 minor! I have now been driving for just once week and have received comments from family and friends regarding how good my driving is and how they couldn't believe I have only been driving for a short while.

If I could go back and change anything, I would have had a preliminary driving lesson with Nick first before booking a course as it became apparent that I did not require the 20 hours I had booked. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, I would whole heartedly recommend him to all of my friends and anyone else who is looking to pass their test first time.

Callum DyerCallum Dyer
I passed my driving test 1st time with Nick.
Fantastic driving instructor had so much patience and understanding. During my lessons I felt completely at ease and he explained things very clearly. Would highly recommend him what a great instructor !!

Mrs GilesMrs Giles
I was so nervous to learn to drive in UK as english is my second language I thought it would be so difficult to understand driving lesson in English.

Nick speak and explain very clearly during the lesson help me easy to understand. He is so professional and always right on time for the lesson.

Nick gave me so much encourage to be confident to drive on the road with safety I am so glad to myself as I choose the right instructor as I have passed the driving test at the 1st time. I would highly recommend Nick as he will never let you down.

Abby Burrell DraperAbby Burrell Draper
Nick is a fantastic driving instructor! I went from not even knowing what the clutch was to passing my driving test first time ! He was never late to a single lesson and always made each one enjoyable. He had amazing patience with me and I don't think I would have been able to get this far without Nick. He has a great sense of humour and always made me feel at ease, even when I was stressing out! I would recommend him to anyone, even complete beginners like I was. Thanks again! :)

Frances CotterFrances Cotter
I chose Nick as my driving instructor as he had taught my sister to drive and she had passed first time. He is a great teacher, very reliable and always on time if not early! He has a very calm and friendly manner and is always professional too.

I was delighted when I passed first time with only 3 minors :) I would recommend Nick to anyone who wants to pass quickly and feel confident driving.

Nick is a brilliant driving instructor, he taught me everything quickly and I passed my test with only 2 minors! He is friendly and never failed to make me laugh! I recommend Nick to all my friends and family and if you want to pass your test quickly Nick is the driving instructor for you!

Nick BeardNick Beard
Nick is an incredible teacher who adapts his lessons to suit your difficulties and increase your confidence. He is extremely patient, precise and supportive. Nick gave me important tips and confidence to get over my nerves which enabled me to pass first time! I will be sure to recommend him to friends and family in the area. Unlike some other instructors, Nick cares more about his customers passing and a good recommendation than earning more money from extra lessons. Thank you!

What a pleasure it was to have Nick as my driving instructor. I had a couple previous instructors in the past but knew after lessons with him I had finally found the right instructor for me to past my test. Although I may have been a difficult student at times, Nick always assured me I was on the right right path and encourage me further making me feel at ease. He is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone one wanting to learn how to drive!

I have a car and am on road now thanks to you!

Kelly FuKelly Fu
Having put off learning to drive for many years I finally did it and passed first time! Nick's encouragement and support was endless, always giving advice and boosting my confidence when needed! His positivity and constant constructive feedback was what allowed me to learn quickly. Without being pushy he strived to get me to my full potential. You can really tell he puts his students first, fitting in lessons when it's meant to be his day off (that's if he ever has one... He's a hard worker). Finally, just want to say a big thank you in all that you have done! Your patience and understanding of your students needs is what makes you such a good driving instructor! I know many more learners will be as lucky as I have been to have learned from you!

Nick is an excellent driving instructor, throughout every single lesson he is encouraging and supportive, After failing my first test due to nerves he helped me gain my confidence again to then successfully pass the next test. Nick allows you to think critically and progress from your mistakes. He alters the lesson and techniques to suit your needs.

He is very professional and turned up on time or even early to all my lessons as well as using up my hourly lessons wisely which I lacked from my previous instructor. As well as being professional he is very happy and friendly, so I felt at ease right from my very first lesson. Thank you so much Nick. I would highly recommend Nick's Driving school!

Jesica SwiftJesica Swift
I just want to say how pleased and excited I am that after months of lessons and pushing myself I have finally passed my Driving Test. first time too! I couldn't have learnt all I have, felt as confident and comfortable as I have without the consistent and positive support from Nick. Nick is extremely friendly and enables you to feel completely comfortable from the start, even days when I had little belief in myself Nick has helped me to build that confidence and believe that 'I can do it!'. A big thank you Nick!!

Lubna SalimLubna Salim
I started my driving lessons late 2013 with Nick after a colleague highly recommended his services. I was a very nervous driver but he put me at ease which really helped with my driving lessons. The training I received with Nick was great in that he was always on time for my lessons, was professional in his teaching methodology ensuring reviews of each session and gave honest feedback which was motivating. Nick always encouraged me to achieve the best that I could without pushing me too hard or making me feel that I was out of my depth. His training techniques are very professional and helpful and he always explains things in full and in a way that makes it easy to learn and remember. I would recommend Nick to anybody who requires a professional, patient and friendly driving instructor whose ultimate aim is to ensure you learn to drive in a safe manner and pass your driving test.

Thank you for all your help and patience in teaching me to drive safely. From the first lesson you put me at ease and were very friendly. I would recommend you to all our friends and family.

Raghav Saboo
When I decided it was time to get a driving license, I made sure I did my research to select the right driving school and instructor; a good start after all is half the battle. The choice was made easy for me by the approachability and resource materials provided by LDC to aid you as a learner, and Nick Haxton's stellar reviews.

Nick is very encouraging and supportive during lessons, no matter the mistakes you make. He is also a good teacher, who enables you to think critically of your own driving, so that you are a confident and safe driver. Additionally his professionalism shines through by always being on time and if by chance it is not possible, he communicates this to you well in advance. This helps you weave your daily life with the driving lessons easily.

I passed my test successfully, for which I would like to thank Nick. I have recommended him to my friends already, and will continue to do so in the future. To you, the prospective learner, I would say don't think twice! Nick will help you sail through the driving test.

Jade Crespo
My name is Jade and I found Nick a brilliant driving instructor because he didn't only teach me how to pass my test he taught me how to drive and stay safe ! He is patient, friendly, a laugh and to sum it all up a great instructor! Thanks Nick :)

Andrew WarburtonAndrew Warburton
Thanks to Nick I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors. Nick's calm manner helped boost my confidence with driving. I would defiantly recommend Nick to anyone looking for an instructor. He is a professional and patient driving instructor with a good sense of humour. He is always on time for every lesson and I always left with a smile on my face. Thanks again Nick.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Nick for all the hard work and dedication he put into teaching me to drive, it can't have been easy given my nerves always get the best of me! Nick is a wonderful instructor who is always smiling . He was always very positive and enthusiastic and believed in me 100%. He made learning how to drive easy and stress free. I definitely recommend him, a great teacher and a great laugh.

Nick was recommended to me after I was having an issue with my previous driving instructor shouting at me. I'm so glad I changed! Nick is such a good teacher because he's friendly and you can have a laugh which takes the pressure off learning to drive. He's really calm and helped me correct some of my old bad habits I'd been taught with my first teacher. I passed first time and would highly recommend learning to drive with Nick!

I am very happy that I passed my driving test! Thanks to Nick! He is always calm and encouraging. Explains everything practically as well as theoretically. He teaches everything to ensure you pass. There were moments when I would get apprehensive and stress out over the final driving test and Nick would calmly talk me out of the stress. I would definitely recommend Nick and my daughters will be taking lessons from him, too.

James BrumJames Brum
Before I started driving lessons, I didn't know what to expect. I went online with my Father and found Nick on the LDC website. After speaking to Nick on the phone we arranged to meet up and arrange driving lessons. My first impression of Nick was that he was a trustworthy man, who took a genuine interest in his students. It turns out my first impressions were correct - throughout my learning as one of Nick's students, he took things at a pace ready for my level of learning, was supportive and carefully explained why any mistakes I made were wrong, which allowed me to gain a greater understanding, helping me to become a better driver. The other reasons I like Nick is that you couldn't ask for a friendly guy; it's not a strict learning environment. As Nick stated himself "Although yes I do teach you, the clients I teach aren't just clients - they are friends". If you chose Nick as your instructor, you'll learn fast, have a fun experience and past your test in no time. I'd like to thank him for being an excellent instructor, and wish him all the best for the future.

Nick is a fantastic driving instructor. I was a very nervous driver when I came to Nick, and he got me through my test with a great deal of support, and through his calm, friendly teaching style. I would recommend Nick to anyone wanting to learn to drive, and especially to those who are nervous of driving. Nick has given me a huge amount of confidence when driving, and I am so grateful to him for getting me through my test. Thanks Nick, I couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Gerri Gerri
Thank you nick !!!!! Still can't believe I passed !! Nick is a fab instructor, and his methods of learning are fantastic ! I have already recommended him to a friend of mine. Nick wants you to pass 1st time in as few lessons as possible, He's not in to ripping people off like many other instructors out there !! Thanks again nick, I will miss our little rants in the car.

At first I did not want to drive a manual car at all. I thought it would be too complicated and take me a long time to pass my test. I tried auto lessons with another instructor but I did not feel happy with him. The initial trial with Nick at LDC was excellent value and with his encouragement and skill I realised that I was more than capable of passing the manual test. Nick is a very calm, clear and patient instructor. These abilities give you all the confidence you need behind the wheel. Amazingly within just 25 hours of tuition I passed my test.

I would like to thank you so much for your support and being my instructor by helping me with my driving test. It`s been a pleasure to work with you.

Nick is an excellent instructor to learn with. He teaches the best methods to success in maneuvers and they are so efficient and easy to learn. Driving with him has given me the needed confident to pass my test when I was struggling with driving, in fact he is a very friendly and patient person who always persuade to give the best of you. I would recommend Nick to anyone who wants to pass the driving test quickly and prepare for a real time driving experience.

I contacted Nick as due to personal reasons as I found myself in a position of having to obtain my driving license within a few of weeks.

I did approx 15hrs (a couple were lost due to work commitments) with Nick over a 3 week period to get me to test standard and the end result was passing first time. Nick is a patient and thorough instructor making sure that you go into the test fully able to pass and also fairly acquainted with the various test routes that you may be faced with on the big day. He is also able to install a calming self confidence in you which will stand you in very good stead during the test. I would also like to stress that unlike other companies/instructors Nick will get you to the test in the least amount of lessons and if you are looking for a professional and very honest instructor don't look any further and I will be recommending him to one and all.

I passed my driving test with Nick and LDC.
I am proud to say that I managed to pass first time!! I found Nick a very good teacher, reliable and he explained things fantastically and in a way that I could understand. I was very nervous when I first met Nick, and even more so when I was sitting in the car getting ready to drive! Nick kept me cool, he has a fantastic manor with people and is easy to get on with. I am over the moon with him and his teaching skills and would recommend anyone to learn with him.

Josh ConstableJosh Constable
I was really happy that i passed my test first time. I was really nervous about starting my lessons and couldn't find the right person to start with. I went with Nick because of his excellent feed back. When I first met nick I was nervous as hell and I wasn't confidant after 3 or so lessons I wasn't nervous as much, My confidence grew very quick. Every lesson Nick always put a smile on my face and made me laugh. Without LDC Program and Without Nick and his Professional and friendly manor I couldn't of got through my lessons and test. I went with the 30hr semi-intensive course Every lesson was Fun. Nick's training methods were perfect, he clearly explained the objectives for every lesson as well as demonstrating what we are going to learn. Friendly , Calm , Happy are the words to describe Nick.

I would Recommend Nick and LDC to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thank you for everything.

I was very happy when I passed my test first time! Whilst I was taking my driving lessons, I wasn't very confident, but Nick helped boost my confidence hugely. He is a very friendly yet professional driving instructor and I had enjoyed all my lessons with him. The books and DVDs provided by LDC were also very helpful and clear.

I would recommend Nick and LDC to everyone and anyone who wants to become a driver. Thank you for everything Nick, and believing that I could achieve this!

Thalu MasindiThalu Masindi
I was recommended to Nick through a friend of mine who was taking a course with another LDC instructor. I had never heard of LDC before so i wasn't too sure about their service but I would like to thank Nick for his services.

As a leaner I felt I gained a lot of confidence every lesson,and this was down to Nick's professionalism from the first lesson to the last. In addition, Nick's training methods are second to none as he clearly explained the objectives for every lesson as well as demonstrating what we are going to learn, for example;he effectively demonstrated all the manoeuvers to me before I started learning them.

I also felt that Nick was very patient and supportive throughout my whole time with him which helped me calm down and gain that confidence on the road.

I would recommend Nick to anyone who is willing to learn how to drive or willing to get back to driving. Nick is very flexible in terms of fitting lesson to a suitable time for both parties also if you like people on time, Nick will always be on time without a doubt if not he will easily communicate with you of his whereabouts.Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Nick for everything he has done for me I wouldn't have passed first time without him. He is a role model for anyone.

Nick made the whole process of (re)learning to drive far easier and more painless than I could have expected. Having first learnt 15 years ago, University, London living, work and general apprehension had gotten in the way of booking lessons to pass my test. However, with two young children to take to playgroup etc now was definitely the time to return to the car. Nick was able to fit lessons into a tight timescale to book my test and made the whole process achievable.

Nick put me at ease in the car and his easy to follow instruction quickly gave me the confidence not only to pass but, much more importantly, to head out on my own afterwards feeling safe and confident with two young children in the car. For me that's been the real benefit - Nick hasn't just enabled me to pass, but to drive independently.

Emma TackleEmma Tackle
Having had a couple of lessons with another company and a long time off due to injury, Nick Haxton was great at introducing me to driving again. His way of teaching is natural and efficient and he helped me to feel confident behind the wheel. The nerves and stress that come with learning to drive and driving tests were wiped away by his friendly but professional manner. He's great because he makes learning to drive simple. He's always on time and his positive attitude helps you to be a better driver. I had a really great time learning to drive and I want to thank Nick so much for making my dream a reality!!

I spent a good few months and a lot of money on loads of lessons and 2 driving tests with a past instructor to find that she was teaching me how to fail! I was so angry but then I found Nick! He brought all my confidence back and made me believe in my self! He taught me how to do every thing the correct way and got me up to perfect level in just approximately 7 lessons!

I passed the first test that I took with Nick with only one minor! I couldnt thank him enough for how much he helped me! He was always on time for lessons and I couldnt fault him in any way! Thank you Nick.

I am very happy to have passed my driving test. During my driving lessons, I did not have much confidence in myself but Nick really boosted my confidence. He was extremely patient throughout the course and was always on time for lessons. He was professional and also friendly and I found him easy to talk to and enjoyed my lessons with him. The learning materials from LDC were also of great help. I would recommend Nick and LDC to anyone wanting to take driving classes. Thank you Nick, for believing in me and making me achieve this!

Thanks again for the strong belief you had in me and your patience, especially with the reverse round the corner maneuver :-)

I spent a good few months looking for a driving instructor because I wanted to get it right 1st time, thankfully I did! Nick Haxton is simply fantastic! From our first conversation to the day I passed my test first time, I trusted Nick and felt at complete ease. His calm, friendly and positive nature meant I looked forward to every lesson. Consistently professional and reliable, I have and will continue to recommend Nick to anyone!! If you're looking for a driving instructor stop now, because you don't want anyone except Nick.

I would like to give you thanks for helping me pass 1st time with 1 minor!! Your training methods are easy to follow. I enjoyed every second of learning to drive as you made it a calm experience. I strongly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you very much Nick.

I would like to give you a huge thanks for all your hard work and putting up with me, you training methods are by far the easiest and most successful I have used. I will recommend you to everyone I know that need to start driving because of your great offers you give and again the way you teach people, it has been a pleasure learning with you and I know you will only continue in succeeding in helping people archive there goal of passing there driving test.

Thank you again nick and all the best for the future.

Amy CotterAmy Cotter
Thanks to Nick I have passed first time with only three minors! My lessons were relaxed and calm and I enjoyed every second of learning to drive. Almost sad not needing any more! Would definitely recommend Nick to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor that will get them through their test quickly and prepare them for driving in the real world. Cheers Nick (:

Luke ButlerLuke Butler
Thank you for teaching me to drive, you have given me so much confidence in driving i would not have been able to pass first time without your great teaching techniques. thank you Nick is a fantastic driving instructor he has given me so much confidence in driving and is 100% reliable and always on time, his teaching techniques are outstanding. I have been learning to drive with Nick since April when i turned 17 and have passed my test 1st time with only two minor errors. thank you Nick :)

Nick factor, was definitely helped me to get through the practical driving test in the very first attempt. Nick always goes beyond the mile to achieve the goals. His best qualities were being realistic and understandable in all time. I think Nick's professional teaching strategies along with LDC training materials will not only help in during the test process, it will be useful all the time in future. Nick's aim is to deliver a better driver in the road rather than making a test winner. I would recommend him to anyone without any second thoughts. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Thanks.

Thank you Nick... very pleased with your instruction and your friendly professional manner. Having driven in the USA for 43 years I could not have passed my UK test without you. Would and will recommend you to anybody. All the best for the future.

I would like to thank Nick for teaching to drive and to pass my test. I was almost giving up since i had some driving lessons with other instructors from different driving schools. Nick is patient, polite and you feel relaxed during lessons. He is one of the best instructors. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to pass driving test first time. Thank you Nick.

Helpful, Friendly and professional. Would, and have, recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

I left getting my driving license to later in life because I was never really interested in learning, but having to get to work with a little girl, I had to learn out of necessity. Because I wasn't looking forward to it, I wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible and originally wanted to apply for the one week pass course. However, when I met Nick he discouraged me from doing so and suggested the semi-intensive course instead and stretching that over the time it would take me to get a test date. I am so glad I listened to him! I actually struggled with 3hr lessons, so the intensive course would have been a nightmare for me.

When I started I didn't have much confidence as I had no driving experience at all, but Nick was very supportive and very encouraging which didn't make me dread my lessons as much as I thought I would. He even got to rewarding me with pear drops for achieving manouvres or finally overcoming something I had been struggling with for a while and I don't think I'll ever be able to eat a pear drop again without thinking of those days :)

No matter how frustrated I got with myself he never gave up on me or made me feel like he didn't believe I could do it, not even after I failed the test 3 times (due to nerves and difficult examiners)! Finally I passed the 4th time round and I think Nick was happier than I was. He is not just an instructor, he takes all his students to heart and genuinely cares whether they pass or fail. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Nick!

Lee KeefeLee Keefe
I had a 30 hour course but within ten hours nick had me ready to take my test he is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend him to anyone the LDC course work was also extreamly helpful. LDC and Nick are a great team to learn with. Thankyou Nick.

Matthew LangleyMatthew Langley
I am over joyed to have passed my driving test, and would like to convey my thanks and appreciation to my instructor Nick Haxton for all his help, support and knowledge through the months that i was being tought and would recommend his driving school to anyone. Thanks for all your help and support throughout my time learning with you.

I have cleared my practical test in first attempt, having six minor errors and after 13 hours of driving lessons. This was something beyond my capabilities. My first thanks goes to my God and of course second to Mr. Nicholas Haxton. The best part in his training was 90% of the time we spent was practical driving and 10% in theory. So here I can assure you that he is not one of the instructors who are money minded and their whole aim is how to stretch the course. His instructions were very clear, straight forward and easy to comprehend. Nick please accept my honest thanks specially for the final day. I was nervous but you handled everything very nicely, calmly and intelligently. We covered the whole course very briefly in just 45 minutes before the test and then relaxed for next 15 minutes. In those 15 mins Nick boosted me and made me so confident that I can do it. I would like to mention that more than myself it was Nick who was confident that I am going to do it.

So friends please don't think, go ahead and try Nick. It's worth every penny. Satwant

Tony SullyTony Sully
Thank you for all the hard work that you put in by putting across all the elements of perfect driving. I have to say that you and your teaching methods are a credit to LDC. Thank you once again for you excellent tuition. It was a pleasure for me to be your first no pointer.

I was looking for a new instructor after a bad experience and a failed test elsewhere, and was put in touch with Nick through the LDC website.

I was immediately impressed with his calm approach to teaching, at once ensuring that my many errors were corrected whilst also making me feel confident and comfortable at the wheel. Nick clearly has a wealth of experience to call upon and knows exactly what is going through your head whenever you make a mistake.

His guidance and reassurance played a very big part in preparing me for my test and ultimately convincing me that I could pass (which I did, of course). I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone, regardless of whether they are a new student or someone looking for a different instructor. Cheers Nick.

Claire PhillipsClaire Phillips
I was very nervous about starting to drive but Nick had faith in me and after 13 weeks of driving I passed my test first time, and it has given me a lot of self confidence, the DVDs from LDC helped me no end, Nick is a wonderful instructor who is calm and patient and makes you believe in yourself. I can now look forward to years of driving all thanks to Nick, I would recommend him to anyone.

Lea Ann Robinson Lea Ann Robinson
After having lessons here and there for over a year and not enjoying them I realised I needed to find something more intense. I found the Midway Pass Course; 20 hours of driving lessons, the driving test and the LD DVD/Workbook. I was then looking for a patient, calm and professional driving instructor which I found with Nick Haxton. He made sure I was able to face the diverse range of scenarios that can occur while driving. Within 20 hours over a week, he took me from not wanting to drive and lacking confidence to passing my test 1st time with only 4 minor points and happily driving everyday since! I'm now planning on taking a few motorway lessons to set me up for life. Thank you Nick!

James CairnsJames Cairns
Having failed my test 8 years ago and having never got back behind the wheel since, I was very nervous and thought I couldn't do it. Though through doing the 30 hour intensive course, Nick was not only able to give me the skills I needed to pass my test but also helped me to get my confidence back.

The LDC course was easy to follow and having the DVD and Student Workbook in advance meant I was able to prepare before the lessons so I was able to make the most of my time on the road.

I would highly recommend Nick and LDC.

Darren Phillips
My partner Claire was with another driving school that made her very nervous in the car and the instructor seemed very unprofessional, since Nick Haxton has been giving Claire lessons she has become more confident and looks forward to having lessons, and has improved enough that after 15 lessons with Nick she is being put in for her test. So I would just like to say thank you for your time and assistance.

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